Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Designer Girl

Who is My Designer Girl? 
What does she do?

Awel Prince is the owner and creator of My Designer Girl.  It is probably got to be one of my favorite hang out spots.  I find her designs beautiful and serene.  She has a way of connecting with her audience and knowing what they like.  She also has the ability to give you a design that was better then you had imagined.  Ok... maybe I am a tad bit biased because she is my niece, but I will let you make that decision for yourself. 


Take some time to visit her web-site at  and browse around to see some of the services that Awel has to offer.  Awel has tutorials on how to do design it yourself, free designs, a Quick Question Chat Box, and reasonable priced design packages to help those who may be computer challenged, like myself.

When I contacted Awel at My Designer Girl, I asked her if she would be willing to share some more information about herself so that others can get to know her.  Here are some of the things she had to say:

1.  Please introduce yourself to me. 

"My name is Awel Prince and I'm a young Christian girl who likes to laugh, talk, read, blog, write, and design. There's not much to me, I'm pretty average, except for the exuberant amount of time I spend reading and writing. And I have a hard time talking about myself. *laughs*"

2.  Tell me why or how you got started in your craft?

"Um...let's see. I started fiddlin' with graphics designing just to create wallpapers and such. Then little by little I began doing bits and pieces for my blog and about two years ago a friend gave me the idea to use my designing for a business and so I started My Designer Girl."

3.  How long have you been doing this?

"Just a little over 2 years now. :)"

4.  What have you learned since you started?

"Don't give up when you can't get something to work and take a break when you get frustrated. :) Also, you can do anything if you work hard enough at it. :) And Patience, Patience, PATIENCE!"

5.  What would you considered your greatest accomplishment?

"Actually selling my work. :)"

6.  What is your favorite thing to do with your craft?

"Making something the customer absolutely loves. That's always the best part. :)"

7.  What is the most challenging thing you had to learn?

"That things don't always work the first time and that I've got to have patience especially when I want to make my work look "amazing" and have that "wow factor.""

8.  Where do you hope to go with your craft?

"I hope My Designer Girl continues to grow and that I'd be able to supplement any income in my future. I hope to establish myself with a reputation for great designs and great customer service. Because with me, the most important factor of my designs are the customers. If the customer ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. :)"

9.  What inspires your craft designs or creations?

"Mostly my own imagination, fiddling around with scrapbooking elements, and doing "weird things" in Paintshop Pro. Also wallpapers and forum signatures/avatars. I know that last bit's crazy, but they do some pretty amazing typography on signatures."

10.  Please provide me with a picture of a project you would like show-cased.

"It's the spring design for my personal blog. Yeah, I like to plan ahead. :)"

11.   Name a Crafter that you would like show-cased.

"Lana of Lana0Crystal @ She's a beautiful jewelry maker and deserves a shout-out! :)"

Thank you Awel for your part in today's post.  I hope all my readers will take a minute to check out Awel's web site at  If you have a question that I didn't ask, head on over to My Designer Girl and check it out for yourself.  I assure you.  You will not be disappointed!

Remember... if you know of someone with a beautiful talent, let me know.  Maybe they will be on a future post!

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