Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Winter time is one of my favorite times to crochet things, but I must confess that it has really worn on me lately.  We have had snow on the ground for almost a month now so really the idea of adding more snowflakes to my home should not excite me, but these are too cute to not to make. 

I am thankful that the weather is a lot warmer.  The snow is melting and I am so ready to see green grass, budding flowers and smell the fresh air of spring.  But before I say good-bye to Mr. Winter and say hello to Spring, I wanted to add another touch to my collection.  I came across a pattern for a snowflake garland, but I really didn't want to spend time crocheting 15 snowflakes for a Christmas Tree that won't be up for another 10 months...  so I decided to make little door hangers with each snowflake instead.  It's still Winter right?  These little snowflakes are perfect for decorating your home all Winter long. 

You can put them anywhere you want.... 

Like this:

This darling little snowflake adds the perfect accent to doors,

Close up view.

your Christmas tree,

Front Door Wreaths or even your kitchen cabinet doors!

Each snowflake is approximately 3". 

While they are not as diverse as an actual snowflake's anatomy, you can still enjoy the miraculous beauty of each one crocheted!  I am offering these darling snowflakes in a set of 3.  Each set sells for $6 per set.

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