Sunday, February 24, 2013

To Do List

I love making a list and checking it off...
I only have one problem.

"Now where did I put my list?"

I started keeping a running list on my IPad, but I forget its there at times.  I like using my list especially since it synchs to my IPhone, I will have it on me so that I will know how many knobs I need for such and such project.  Or, what size do I need that in?  You never know when you will find a good deal, so keeping track of those things on the IPhone is so handy.

I started thinking about some of the projects I want to do around the house.  I have started a couple of them, but have to wait until the weather is nicer to really start working on them.  So in the mean time, I wanted to create my project list.

  1. Paint above the kitchen cabinets to add a splash of color to the kitchen.
  2. Strip the wall paper in the boys bathroom and paint it.
  3. Strip the paint off the old table I have.  Repaint the legs and sides of the table and stain the top an espresso stain.
  4. Find 2-3 palletts and make a wall piece out of them.  One for Patrick's room, one for the boys, and one for me....
  5. Make and American flag out of some cool wood pieces we pulled out of an old house.  I think they were paneling for the walls and are 3 inch pieces.  Perfect for making flag strips in red and white and painting stars on!  Our downstairs living space is going to be decorated in Americana pieces.  Patrick has the American Flag in a display case that is on our fireplace mantle.  Plus I have a couple other pieces that will look great in there.  Can't wait to put that piece together!
  6. {Done- 5/1/13 Post}  I have an old window piece that we pulled out of the same house that will be perfect for some kind of project.  It has still yet to be determined.
  7. Low/round table found in the same old house for the boys to play on in the living room upstairs.  I want to paint a road scene of some sort so they can play cars on it.  It also has a dual purpose of playing games on it and doing puzzles.
  8. Make curtains for our front entry room.
  9. Make coat hangers out of the old window headers from the old house we took trim pieces from.
  10. Reupholster the bar stools in the kitchen and downstairs room.
  11. Make an herb drying tray out of old frames by adding screen wire to the back and adding chains to link them together to hang from.
  12. Done {Post to come} Paint the trim around the boy's bathroom mirrow.  Right now it is a "goldish" color and I am going to spray paint it a brushed oil bronze.

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