Saturday, February 9, 2013

Uncoventional Wreath

Being creative is something I have enjoyed. 
As with each season of life, the creativity has changed.
As for this blog, it is going to change too.
I enjoyed crocheting, but I don't have time to do much of it anymore.
So I decided to concentrate on making my house a home. 
I want to document the personal touches my family is making to the home we bought last November. 
It is now time for a different approach to what I am doing.

Last summer or maybe it was spring...
I visited a flea market in search for unique and cheap frames.
I had this idea that I could spray paint and actually put a family picture in it or something nice,
but it just sat there after I painted it.

This is the finished and forgotten frame. 
I got it out today.
I saw an awesome idea on Pinterest where someone had a round frame
and put flowers on it making it into a lovely wreath. 

Why couldn't I do that?
Even if it is a square....

So today I took my gift card to Hobby Lobby and bought my half-priced flowers.

And created my own unconventional wreath on a budget.

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