Thursday, November 11, 2010

Americana Rag Potholder

Gift wrap your gift. 
Tie from rag potholder is included in your purchase.

I remember not too long ago how I thought that home made pot holders were just not as good.  I was dead wrong!  My husband's grandmother has given me some of the BEST crocheted pot holders I ever had.  Plus my mother gave me some pretty ones too when I got married 7 years ago.  She made a rag quilt pot holder out of sunflower material.  It still works great even 7 years later! 

This last week or so I got to thinking that I really wanted to make some pot holders.  Who couldn't use those?  It seems like the ones I have are looking old so I looked around to see if I had any material I could use.  I only had one piece that I thought would work.  It was a deep red Americana fabric with tan stars.  Since I didn't have an accent color to go with it, I researched making pot holders on-line.  What I found was a beautiful Rag Pot Holder that was just beautiful.

Here's all you need to do:

  • Step 1.  You'll need about 3/4 yard to 1 yard of cotton material.
  • Step 2  Cut 3/4" strips of fabric.  I recommend cutting them to make the longest strip you can.  You will be sewing a lot if you don't.
  • Step 3.  Take each strip and sew them together using a bias edge so that the fabric will lay flat.
  • Step 4  Crochet!  I can definitely do that!

I did not have a pattern, but based my measurements off a potholder I have.  Once I got the length I wanted, I just crocheted away.  The fun part....  Keeping my 4 month old from grabbing it as I crocheted.  I think he just wanted to play!

But who doesn't love Americana Decorations?  Such a wonderful way to brighten your kitchen.  Good potholders that last are hard to come by.  I think most of the ones I have are homemade and they last a long time!

Great Gift idea for any Holiday, Birthday, Special Occasions, a Young Ladies Hope Chest, a teacher or for yourself!  Discounts given to customer who purchase in quantities of 4.  Email me for details!

See my store for more rag pot holders to come!  Let me know what colors your kitchen are and I will make them match!

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