Friday, November 19, 2010

Incredible Totes

Butterfly Kisses Tote

Beautiful Blue Floral Tote {Sold 11/22/10}

I can't think of a young girl who doesn't like to have a purse or bag to keep their precious items in. 
I was inspired this week to make a gift for a special little girl.   This bag is great for bringing fun things along for traveling or just use it as a reusable gift bag.  I love the idea of reusable gift bags!  It's such a neat way to give a gift to someone and they can in turn reuse it for many things.

The tote was so easy to do.  I created my own pattern by cutting a swatch 10 1/2" wide by 8 1/2" high.  I also cut the interfacing and a complimentary liner the same size.  Next, sew up the sides of the outside liner along with the interfacing.  Then, sew up your inside liner and slide it inside your outside liner.  Covering up the top unsewn edge is probably the easiest thing to do either with bias tape or a ribbon.  You can also use part of your inside liner and fold over the top edge to cover up any unsewn edges.  Decorate your bag with ribbons, flowers, bow or buttons.  I also attached 2 ribbon straps to the bag.  Then again, you can use what ever material you want to make the straps out of.  The possiblities are limitless!

If you are looking for a great gift for someone, I am offering a book, for a limited time, with the tote bags in my Etsy Store.  If you opt. out of the book purchase, I will lower the bag price to $15 each.  Shipping and handling will also be less for a tote purchase.

Will be posting upcoming fabric choices soon for my girls tote bags.

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  1. Those bags are just perfect for all the things a little girl likes to tote around! ;-) The butterfly fabric is really sweet.