Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oh Baby!

Today I am on cloud nine! 
The last few days have been so good.
You see we finalized our adoption with our son yesterday.
He all ready felt like our son,
but yesterday's formality with the judge made us feel like we are a family even more.

We have a special relationship with Jackson's birthmom, an open adoption. 
We love Jackson's birthmom.  
God certainly gave us more then we dreamed of.
As Jackson gets older it will be wonderful to see them develope a special relationship of their own.

Another reason for such a good day is that our Pastor and his wife are adopting a little baby girl too!
The baby is due soon, but there is something about adoption celebrations that get me all giddy inside!

I know how they are feeling... 
The anticipation.....
The worries...
The happiness you feel...

So today I am going to an Adoption Celebration!
So excited about that and my wonderful husband has taken the boys
and are going to go sledding at grandpa and grandmas!

I wanted to make something for the Adoptive Family.  I found out that our Pastor's wife likes Tangerine so I really wanted to add that color into the scheme.  Do you know how hard it was to find Tangerine yarn?  Most places didn't carry it.  So I ordered it.  The yarn itself was made out of recycled cotton shirts.  Pretty amazing!  But I decided to make the hats as neutral as possible and just add splashes of color.  The cream yarn I chose was really cool.  It is naturally caron called Spa, a silk soft bamboo blend.  Pretty nifty!  It is so soft and WW3.  I hadn't worked with something like that before and you do have to make adjustments to your pattern to make it bigger.  The hat with the tangerine flower needed to have added rows at the end to make it big enough for a new born infant.  I really couldn't tell you how many but I added enough to make it work.  I decided to single crochet a "ribbon" to weave in and out of the filet stitch to add a little more color to the hat.  I think it turned out nice.

For the next hat, I used a pattern from Leisure Arts called Fun Fashions for girls.  It has 14 crochet designs in sizes 2-6.  I have really enjoyed this book and have made quite of few things out of it, experimenting with yarns and adding finishing touches to it.  One of my favorite pattern in it was the Rose Motif hat.  I was curious if I used the cream yarn as the project above, if it would make the Rose Motif hat smaller to fit a newborn.  I was right!  I used a smaller hook size, G-6, and made the below hat smaller to fit an infant.

I also added one of Sylvers Designs Double Strap Booties to go with the hats using the same Spa yarn mentioned above.  I did make one change.  Since the yarn size would make the booty smaller in size, I used the size 1 pattern instead of the size 0 to make it fit a newborn. 

Interested in the booties and making them, visit Sylver's Designs Etsy shop for details.


  1. Yay!!! Congratulations to all of you! What a wonderful and exciting time!!!

  2. How exciting for your pastor and his wife!! I too get excited when others are successful in adding to their families through adoption. I love the hat. It is ADORABLE!!!!