Friday, January 7, 2011

Pure Soap

I don't know if you are like me, but I dread Winter. . .


'Cause I know that my hands will get so dry that it hurts. 
Even worse when you have little children around. . .
 You are constantly washing your hands every time you change a diaper,
get a snack, get their lunch, or wiping their little noses.

So what should you do?

I decided to try something new this year.  When I went home for Christmas my mother gave me some home-made soap she made.  One rose bar was made with coconut oil and olive oil and the other with avocado and coconut oil.

Before this I never really thought that home made soap could be better then the name brand we normally get.  Actually we use liquid soap for washing our hands, and it is usually the off brand with "aloe" in it.  But who's counting?

I decided to do a test one the soap and try my best to use my mom's soap every time I wash my hands.    The question I had was, "Would it dry my hands out as much as the liquid soap?  What is different about it?"

The difference I am finding after using the soap with olive oil and coconut oil is simply this:

1.  It lathers SOOO much better then regular soap.
2.  My hands are not drying out as much as they normal do.
3.  I am not having to use as much lotion to soften my hands.

So I simply had to ask my mom for the recipe.  She gladly complied.  I have yet to make this.  I just thought the process of soap making was a unique thing to me.  I would love to try this and hope one day I will.

Soap on left made with avocado and coconut oil.
Soap on the right made with coconut oil and olive oil.

Pure Soap
{depending on size of molds this recipe makes 6 rose bars and 1 bar soap}
16 ounces coconut oil
2.9 ounces lye {Sodium Hydroxide}
1/2 cup warm water.

Combine the lye-water and the fat; stir occasionally for one hour and forty minutes.  Add 1/4 cup hot tap water and stir for ten minutes.  Add another 1/4 cup hot tap water and stir until the soap is thick and smooth (a few minutes).

Time in mold:  24 hours
Place the soap in a freezer for 3 hours, then remove it from the molds.

Age: 3 weeks.  Why?  It needs time to age so that it will not burn you when you wash your hands.

You can make many cleaning products from Pure Soap. 
Spray cleanser
laundry powder
soft-scrub cleanser
toilet bowl cleanser
jewelry cleaner

**My mothers additional instructions:
Put newspaper on the area you are working.
Use stainless steel bowl and whip.
DO NOT use aluminum or you will have a very big mess.
Measure water and place in bowl.
Use a digital scale to measure lye and fat.
Pour lye into bowl with the water and stir till dissolved.
Place fat and or oil in next.
Stir fat till it is melted.
You may use other oils or fat but keep the total to 16 oz.

I use 8 oz olive oil and 8 oz coconut oil.  It makes a very good soap.
Also, I make avocado soap using 1.6 oz of avocado oil and the balance coconut oil.
Very important, add the lye into the water and not the other way around.

**Use cider vinegar to clean up or if you get some lye solution on you.

You can find your ingredients at Texas Natural Supply store.

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